Custom 1911 Grips & Engraved Screws
"Grips for the Most Discerning Handgunner"
Engraved 1911 Grip Screws


It doesn't take much convincing for the 1911 enthusiast to further dress his or her piece with some creative grip screws.

Beware, though...some replacement grip screws for the M1911, as well as others, can be machined outside the U.S. for sales here that don't quite meet the same thread specs.

Most problems lie in the screw thread to frame bushing fit. You'll recognize this when the screw binds in the bushing after a few turns.  If you continue to force the issue, you'll be left with a damaged bushing.

Variations in 1911 grip screws are traditional blue and stainless steel finishes.  Along with the type of material used to manufacture this item, screw head tooling and matching tool cuts can be selected.

The degree of customizing grip screws begins with the type of tool cut for the screw head.  Most tools for fastening the screws can be either Slot Head, Hex Head, or Torx Head. At least these are the most available for sale in the market place.

Slot head screws can be removed and installed with a common slot head screw driver.  Not just any screw driver, but one of the gunsmithing variety.  Gun-smithing screw driver sets are inexpensive and a beginner's set (30 pieces) can be purchased for less than thirty dollars.  Well worth the investment to protect the shapeness of the tooling and minimize the risk of deforming the function of the slotted recess.

The hex head screw requires a hex head tool.  These tools are usually supplied as part of the purchase from most suppliers.  This 3/32 wrench is common in most hardware stores or home centers in case one is lost.  Beware:  on occassion, manufacturers can have slight differences in tooling (1-3mm) that can make for a difficult, if not a downright frustrating, time in ease of installation.  If an after market wrench is not working, the best thing is to trash it.

Last of all, the torx head screw is the least common of screws.  Tool head wrench replacement or the likelihood of a fellow shooter having one at the range is somewhat doubtful.  I happen to like the appearance of the Torx head screw.  I don't own a set as I prefer engraved hex head screws. 

The customizing of  a 1911 firearm can be further accomplished by a small investment in personalized grip screws.  At Distinctive Grips LTD.,LLC. our grip screws are made from precision stainless steel which enhances both styles of grip panel selections for the M1911.  Both grips sets, "After Midnight" and "Black Beauty," offer stainless steel screw escutcheons that act as a aesthic enhancement and a functional base that each grip screw rests on.  This feature protects the grip panel from being overtightened and exploits the richness and art of the engraving.

With four different screw designs to choose from, any model M1911 can be creatively enhanced. We offer two hex head wrenchs with the purchase of any one of our engraved screws, and include one set of screws of your choosing with your purchase of any grip selection.  A word to the wise: if it has threads - lubricate it! (and try to buy American). 
Good, safe and straight shooting,

Distinctive Grips LTD.,LLC

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