Custom 1911 Grips & Engraved Screws
"Grips for the Most Discerning Handgunner"
About Custom 1911 Grips


In the last 10 years, the popularity of building J. Brownings 1911 pistol design into a personal creation (whether through a custom pistol-smith or by purchasing from any number of manufacturers) has become a perpetual fascination with the modern hand-gunner.

Even parts and accessories are now abundant to further personalize and build the perfect look and functionality that one can afford. One such embellishment is the pistol grip.

With a generous supply of 1911 pistol grip makers to choose from, one's selection is very personal. Some choose to replace the original manufacturers grips with one that is of a more practical and utilitarian selection that one uses for tactical or range use. Others have an interest in enhancing the aesthetics of their prized firearm with something more unusual.

The use of exotic woods, metal or even stone to mention a few are designed to add beauty, interest, and value.  One such 1911 pistol grip creation, by Distinctive Grips LTD LLC, is no exception.

The plan was to build a grip panel so rich in jewelry quality silver-work, design, engineering and art  that anyone could transform their full frame 1911 pistol into an extraordinary presentation. The hand finished grip panels are truly the only one of their kind offered in the marketplace. Polished stainless steel precisioned escutcheons strengthen the fit, along with adding a smooth polished surface to display one of four designs of precision quality grip screws. To add even more personal creativity, why not have your family crest, initials, name or personal logo displayed on your jewelry quality silver medallions.

Whatever your choice of 1911 pistol grips, make sure they satisfy your needs and especially chose those that complement J. Browning's inventive gift to us all.

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